About Us

Our Story

All you need is Woof was started and inspired by the two boys in our life, Walter and Bertie. They may be dogs, but to us they are family and we woof nothing more than spoiling them.


We all woof having a treat now and then, and if you are anything like me and have a real sweet tooth they aren’t always that good for us.  Our boys are just the same, when we have a bar of chocolate our boys don’t leave you in peace, you can guarantee to have at least one if not two boys at your feet drooling with each bite you take.  Whilst we strive to give them the best diet we know that a bit of something naughty once in a while is ok, and they absolutely woof it.  The only problem is finding the perfect balance of treats that are not only delicious, dog friendly but healthy too.  We have struggled for years to find a combination of treats to suit both of our very different and sensitive boys.  Both of them suffer with allergies, causing severe skin reactions and you can probably imagine the rest.  It can be difficult to spoil the woof in your life when they struggle with sensitivities. 

Walter has always been a fussy eater and often turns his booper up at foods.  I have even been known to hold the food in my hand or spoon feed him just to get him to eat something.  We are pleased to say that Walter has not turned his booper up to any of the products featured in treat boxes, he Woofs them all.  And as for Bertie, well he will eat anything.

So, we decided to make things easier for you.  We have combined delicious dog friendly treats, with hypoallergenic treats and 100% natural ingredients for you to choose from all delivered directly to your door.  Each box is personalised making them a great present to send to the special woof in your life.

Hope you enjoy them as much as us.

Lots of Woof  

Natalie, Vin, Walter & Bertie XX🐾🐾