Enrichment Snuffle Bundle - Sausage Slice Train & Treats

Enrichment Snuffle Bundle - Sausage Slice Train & Treats

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Spoil your woof with our Enrichment Snuffle Bundle - everything you need for tail-wagging fun and delicious rewards! 

Introducing our paw-some Enrichment Snuffle Bundle, featuring a Snuffle Ball Toy, a Treat Jar, and a Large Bag of Train and Treat Sausage Slices - the perfect combination for interactive playtime and tasty training sessions with your furry friend! Whether you're looking to engage your pup's senses, keep their treats fresh and easily accessible, or provide them with a variety of delicious rewards, this bundle has it all!

What's Included:

Snuffle Ball Toy: Stimulate your pup's natural foraging instincts with our interactive snuffle ball toy, designed to provide mental stimulation and enrichment while they search for hidden treats.

Treat Jar: Keep your pup's favorite treats fresh and within paw's reach with our stylish treat jar, featuring an airtight seal and convenient design for easy access during training sessions or playtime.

Large Bag of Train and Treat Sausage Slices: Our Train & Treat Sausage Slice mix does just that! These tasty treats have a strong doglicious smell, so your woof is bound to come running for more.

Why Choose a Bundle?

Convenience: Everything you need for interactive play and rewarding training sessions conveniently bundled together in one package, saving you time and money.

Quality: Made with premium materials and ingredients, each item in this bundle is designed to meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and taste.

Bonding: Strengthen the bond with your furry friend through engaging play and positive reinforcement, fostering trust, communication, and mutual enjoyment.

Value: Our new Enrichment Bundle is really great value! Save on your favourite treats.

Treat your pup to endless hours of tail-wagging fun and delicious rewards with the Enrichment Snuffle Bundle - because every moment with your furry friend is worth celebrating!